Wilder Shores is this one special garment that you love to wear for ages. Our sense of value is not defined by the latest trends but by the beautiful stories behind our clothes. Every item is a fragment of your own personal style. 


My name is Laura and my goal is to create something special, ethical and accessible. I believe there is a very powerful and fulfilling feeling we get each time we wear a piece that has been crafted by the energy and talent of an individual.


Wilder Shores is the expression of my love for contemporary art, for the wilderness of nature and for the unique women that follow their own path. It is a platform to collaborate with creative people, experiment and form synergies. To my mind fashion is an open field where all artistic and expression freedoms come alive.


All the creative and production process is made locally in our studio in Barcelona between Mercè, Marga, Mari Carmen, Montse, Juani, my light Carole and myself. Each piece is the labour of our love; we carefully construct and check it to ensure an excellent fit and quality workmanship. When selecting materials we strive for the textiles to be natural such as cotton and linen or rescued dead-stock fabrics.


I hope you enjoy with us this journey that stands for sustainability, creativity, self-confidence, freedom and happiness.